Crypto artist - Producer - Designer

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I want to be a blacksmith at some point

Right now I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole

I worked for ten years in design and production in the video game industry – Creating new things is what motivate me in life

Launched my company in 2019 to ride on my own and find meaning

Now completely focused on non-fungible tokens and creating metaverse stuffs

Non-Fungible Tokens

I dedicate myself to make artworks when I feel the need – I like to use different techniques and styles to express myself

Voxel store

Buy yourself an original vox model – All models can be used in cryptovoxels or 3D printed

Visit my parcel

Take a tour in my own cryptovoxels parcel. The first building that I made in the game in April 2020

Virtual space design

I just love to design Cryptovoxels buildings - Contact me to get a free quotation on your plot
August 2020

The Ultra Racks

Created in the PranksyLand event, the Ultra Racks is dedicated to W40K lovers like me

July 2020

0x Emporium

A space for the 0x’s brands – A face shaped statue that flows a waterfall with japanese zen garden

June 2020

Marble Tower

Marble Tower, flying cars in the street, drones popping out the roof, commissionned by Johan Unger

May 2020

VESA's pyramid

The Pyramid, commissionned by the finnish artist Vesa – A dedicated gallery for his art

May 2020

Alotta's Ship

A pirate ship that host the personal collection of the artist Alotta Money

April 2020

Asguard Palace

A building project for, a futuristic/heroic viking themed spa hotel that host a art collection

July 2020

The Bronx Zoo

Commissionned by a collective of developers – A mini reproduction of the Bronx Zoo in NYC

June 2020


An art gallery commissionned by Blockeureka, Costa Rican curators Black&White minimalistic

June 2020

Frenetik's Temple

Temple of ancient greece, commissionned by the argentinian artist Franco Verrascina

May 2020

DAI Center

The Dai House, commissionned by Buddha – An info portal for the Dai community

April 2020

Gallerie 105

Gallerie 105 is a project made for the english artist 105 collective

April 2020


My first building created in CV, inspired by my all time favorite coffeeshop in Amsterdam


Let's discuss your project

Collaboration, virtual space design, commissioned work

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